Principal Message

Dr. Dinesh Kumar Shukla

Government Degree College Bhupatwala was established in year 2021 by Government of Uttarakhand in the city of Haridwar. Haridwar is globally recognized as a holy place because the Ganges river reaches in plain terrain here after a long  tumultuous journey of  serene hills. Significance of this educational institution is naturally multiplied because of the Ganges and Lord Shiva whose presence is always felt in the locality of Haridwar.

                   Hence, it becomes greater responsibility of all members of institution to work for the best expectations of society and the state. The students coming for education and career prospects belong to below average economic backgrounds. Parental expectation are very high from the institution.

As far as present resources of college are concerned. They are very limited, however missionary and devotional mode of staff working have put college on the proper track of academic and social achievements.

                  Running a Government institute in urban locality like Haridwar is a rewarding experience.  All initial barriers confronted were competently settled with the collective attempts of collegues. Cooperation which college exercises for academic and extra  curricular activities is of rare quality, I hope it will continue in future occasions also. It is moral responsibility of all of us to groom, train and motivate young minds to have targets of humanity and nationality as the core concepts of their personality.

                  The society at large, is suffering from sickness of materialism and self centered activities.  The purpose of this institution is to built a wider humanistic personality in which ‘I’ is replaced by ‘We’, ‘Local’ is enlarged upto ‘global’. For achieving larger, wider and deeper targets we the members of college have to modify, improve and polish our academic and behavorial activities day by day.

                   Self-improvement is the key to social improvement. Society is the big background on which we have to justify ourselves. Our value stands on the touchstone of society. All our activities are expectations of society. Having such high targets, we have to work collectively and passionately until desired pinnacle is achieved.  I promise to extent my full support to all my collegues for the betterment attempts of college.

                   We must joine hands together as one to raise this institution to new heights. Hurdles coming up in the way of progress can be handled with co-operative zeal and unbending enthusiasm.

                     The student community is the real and core asset of institution. Without their thought and opinion we can not achieve our summit, so it is mandatory to consult their views and opinions in every affairs of institutions. Hope this institution will establish a new landmark in the higher education of uttrakhand with the joint attempts of faculty, staff, students are lastly society. This is how the eternal flow of the Ganges and vibrance of Lord Shiva can be assimilated in Young personality of students.